On July 31st, FOLLOWING BORUCH was featured as a work-in-progress at the Uri L'tzedek Social Justice Beit Midrash for Mental Illness and Addiction. We screened a work-in-progress clip from the film and Boruch spoke about his personal experience with mental illness and addiction. Renowned psychologist Rabbi Benzion Twerski provided the audience with a clinical and Jewish perspective.

This evening marked our first public outreach event! The response was overwhelmingly positive and has facilitated dialogue with potential outreach partners. We are so excited that word about FOLLOWING BORUCH is spreading, even at this early stage!

Onward we go!

MAY 2012

It's been a while! The Following Boruch team has been busy logging what turned out to be 170 hours of footage! Our fingers are numb but with every tape digitized we are seeing an incredible STORY unravel.

We have uploaded our NEW trailer and recently completed a 27 minute select reel for fundraising and grant applications. Our footage is transforming into a FILM. We cannot wait to share Boruch's story with you. Keep checking here for updates and look out for our exciting Kickstarter campaign launch in the coming weeks!

MARCH 2011

The FOLLOWING BORUCH website is launched and fundraising for post- production is in full swing. Let the fun begin!

After almost a year of weekly filming and over 120 hours of footage, principal photography is coming to end. We are gearing up for post-production and could not be more excited to move FOLLOWING BORUCH to the next stage. It's been an incredibly rewarding and humbling process and we cannot wait to share this story with you!