FOLLOWING BORUCH is a feature length observational documentary that follows a Hasidic man through a crucial turning point in his recovery from mental illness, alcoholism, drug and sex addiction.

After 25 years of battling mental illness and addiction, Boruch Hoffman hit rock bottom and attempted suicide in 2005. Since then, Boruch has progressively moved through the stages of recovery, gaining strength from his unwavering commitment to Orthodox Judaism and a twelve-step program. He is currently living independently in an apartment subsidized by Ohel Family Services, an adult mental health residential program located in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Now sober for five years, Boruch is finally at a point where he can live the promise of recovery. He is determined to find a job and ultimately a wife to start the family he always dreamed of. The film documents this life-changing journey as Boruch navigates through job training, interviews, dating workshops, and Ohel events, along with isolated religious, social and familial events, while maintaining his crucial recovery. In addition to filming this process, Boruch's emotional and mental response to his new life is observed once a month through candid therapy sessions.

Interviews with Boruch's family, therapist, childhood friends, Ohel CEO David Mandel, and renowned Hasidic therapist Benzion Twerski provide insight into Boruch's dark past and current challenges. The purpose of these interviews are to reveal Boruch's history of mental illness, addiction and religious fervor, framing his character and building momentum for his present journey. They are not meant to simply relay information - every interviewee has a personal connection with Boruch. There are no talking-heads in this film.

The film is primarily set in Borough Park, Brooklyn also providing a unique perspective of Hasidic Judaism, an insular community rarely portrayed in film.